Increase Your Business’ Productivity With an EPOS System

An EPOS or Electronic Point of Sale system will be a huge boon to your business. An EPOS system is operated from a simple touch screen interface that all your staff will be able to easily understand. It has been proven that staff productivity increases with an EPOS system in place. The system will be very user friendly meaning that your staff can work more quickly and will make fewer mistakes. Perfect for a busy shop, bar or restaurant environment where serving customers quickly and efficiently is of paramount importance.A bespoke EPOS system also has a whole host of other benefits. You’ll be able to simply create and manage promotions with ease and your system will automatically give you correct prices for offers that run on certain days or at certain times, so for example if all your drinks are half price on Monday between 2pm and 6pm then the system will bring up the reduced prices just for those hours. This removes the need for staff to memorise offers (and removes the risk of them getting the offers wrong).Orders can be immediately relayed to a kitchen or warehouse so the order can be prepared immediately. In a restaurant for example, this can cut down a lot of waiting time for the customers, as the waiter takes the order to the kitchen and perhaps gets distracted by a request from another customer. Of course it also cuts out the need for your staff to move between customers and kitchen delivering orders and so frees them up to do other tasks.Stock control and management is easily done via the EPOS system. You can set alerts to trigger when stock levels are getting low on particular important items. You’ll also be able to spot trends, identifying which are your best selling items and which just don’t move. This is ideal for when you are planning future ranges or trying to reorder stock.You can also use an EPOS system to analyse the productivity of your staff, great if you want to hand out bonuses, or if you need to make redundancies and wish to work out which staff members are the least productive.If you don’t already have an EPOS system in place, then it’s definitely something you should consider if you want to save time and money. It’s certainly a good investment with countless benefits to you, your staff and your business.