How to Use Blogs to Explode the Sales of Your Home Business Products Part II

One of the best ways to promote your products through your blogs is through the use of your home business affiliate links on relevant places in the informative article posted on your blog.To expose each post you make to other blog directories, you need to ping your entries each time you post. You can do that by using pingomatic. This will notify other directories of your recent posts. You can also monetize your blog by including an AdSense code on your blogs. This will yield you some AdSense income when people who visit your blog click on the ads.Furthermore, since you are blogging for profit, it is very important that you include your home business banner at the top and bottom of your blog. This way, you are passively promoting your home business opportunity.To get readers for your blog, you will need to visit other similar blogs in your market and make valuable posts. Make sure you include a link to your block in your signature file. This process can be repeated in forums. Once you have done this in many relevant places, you should be able to generate a continuous flow of readers who will be eager to visit your blog each time you make a post.Most importantly, you need to use your blog posts for the purpose of building relationship with people. This can easily be done if you learn to only post relevant and informative content on your blogs regularly.That way, when you make any recommendations about a product, your blog readers will trust your judgment and make the purchase. To make more profit from your home business blogging experience, you may even sell advertising on your blogs. But this is effective only when you have succeeded in building a huge amount of readers.Since everyone is blogging these days, is it not necessary to join the bandwagon to be able to exploit the profit potential lurking with blogging the proper way?

Improve Small Business Productivity During an Economic Slowdown – Revamp Your Business Floor Plan

The unsettled state of the economy has caused many small and emerging businesses to put workplace improvement, expansion or relocation plans on hold. As a result, some business owners may be feeling the pinch of operating under less than ideal conditions, including cramped employee work environment; insufficient inventory or storage space; and minimal or non-existent visitor areas.The answer to the dilemma could be to take a new look at the configuration of the overall business floor plan. Businesses that used only a “bodies per square feet” ratio to calculate the number of office cubicles or production workstations are often surprised when that original layout is re-assessed. By taking less obvious factors into consideration, it can be amazing how efficiency is improved or how much space is recovered.Some of the additional factors include:Nature of work – Think about the interaction that will be needed between different employees, and place those individuals within closer proximity to each other. This cuts down on foot traffic as well as the tendency to have distracting conversations across other workers or over cubicle walls. If you can effectively group people working on like tasks in a shared area, that can also save space.Perimeter floor space – Assess usage of the perimeter space surrounding workstations or cubicles. Are fax machines and copiers easily accessible? Would it save travel time and distance to have supply stations in two or three different areas? Is there an easily navigable path for staff or visitors passing through the office, one that will minimize employee distraction?Visitor reception – Even if a company does not have a lot of direct customer traffic, it still needs an appropriate waiting area for visitors, including vendors, salespeople or job applicants. No separate room to set aside for this traffic? Defining the reception area can readily be accomplished by setting up an extended cubicle wall behind the reception desk, establishing a sense of privacy in both that space and the office space or production area behind it.The reception area doesn’t need to be massive or lavish. It can be as simple as a few chairs and a small table with trade publications. If there is room, include a display of company products or information about services. It’s important to present a professional appearance to every visitor, including prospective employees.Ask your employees to make constructive suggestions and actively participate in the reconfiguration process. They know better than anyone what challenges the current workspace may present, and the chance to brainstorm together and come up with creative solutions will be a morale booster for everyone.Copyright © Ivette Lemons – 2008

Business Productivity – The National Limbic Resonance Movement

Being an ordinary citizen (I like to think of myself these days as “Joe the Author”), I’m looking for a few more ordinary citizens to help me turn this crappy economy around and get things back on track. My plan is to use something called limbic resonance to kick-start a much needed economic-stimulus-oriented National Limbic Resonance Movement (NLRM).It’s simple; this is a strategy to change the feelings and attitudes of the 300 million or so people who live in the U.S. Hopefully the NLRM will spread to other countries that are also experiencing hard economic times, but let’s be realistic and start small. If you are interested in being a part of this movement, read on. Admittedly it is a pyramid scheme, however, unlike Bernie Madoff’s schemes, it is a psychological – not a monetary – pyramid scheme. It doesn’t require you to pay me any money. It’s more like Pay It Forward than, “Hi…I’m Charles Ponzi from Boston and have I got a deal for you!” Just to be totally aboveboard…it doesn’t prevent any of you from doing business with me. That’s always an option if I happen to be selling something you want to buy…like, for example, a book, training course or speaking engagement.In a nutshell, limbic resonance means you have the potential to regulate another person’s nervous system. In other words, you can change the emotions of people in your circle of influence. We use many words to describe emotions, however, six words capture the essence of most emotions that humans experience on a day-to-day basis: joy, sadness, anger, fear, disgust and surprise. I want to kick-start a NLRM for five reasons:
Our economy (in many cases that includes your personal economy) is at the least in the doldrums…and perhaps in the crapper and in danger of deteriorating further (OK, I know I have used some form of the term crap twice now…I’ll clean it up a bit). A large part of the current economic dilemma is due to the underlying emotional attitude of the American consumer, predominantly fear and anxiety. This neutral (in the doldrums) or negative trend does not have to continue. I personally prefer that it not continue. It’s simple. If it continues, things in the economy will get worse. If not, things will get better. We (you and I) can use limbic resonance to help turn things around quickly. I like the idea that all of us as individuals can at least do something…rather than totally counting on someone else to solve our current economic problems. Many believe waiting on someone else to take action is what got Kitty Genovese killed in 1964. It’s an interesting story. If you need more inspiration to get involved in the NLRM, read about Kitty’s demise and the lack of involvement surrounding her circumstances. Let’s get involved, and play a meaningful role, in turning the economy around. These thoughts, and the thought that some of you might get involved and help me spread the word about the NLRM are already making me feel better and converting my potential sadness, anger, fear, disgust and negative surprise into joy and hope. Why don’t you join me and let’s help the folks in Washington get this economy turned around? As it happens, the time is perfect for us to jump in and collectively help the people who are already working diligently on this problem. For example, soon-to-be President Obama will give a speech this week as part of his inauguration process. I’ll bet the economy is on his mind and I’ve seen this guy operate long enough that I am pretty sure he is going to pull out all the stops and deliver a highly inspirational speech. He knows as well as anyone how the right words at the right time can absolutely turn a situation, and perhaps a nation, around. Here are a few examples of previous NLRM kick-off statements:
FDR in his inaugural address (in a situation much like today’s economic dilemma) said: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” JFK in his inaugural address said: “Ask not what your country can do for you…ask what you can do for your country.” MLK in a 1963 speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial said: “I have a dream.” Fortunately he didn’t stick with the original title of his speech “Normalcy Never Again”. I’m not sure those words would have launched as much limbic resonance on a national scale. These are just a few examples; three individuals and a total of 31 words; 31 words that mobilized the spirit and energy of millions of people; 31 words that made incredible things happen much faster than they would have otherwise happened; 31 words that launched massive viral positive movements that changed the emotions, attitudes and actions of the people who make up our nation. The words influenced our collective national nervous system in a very positive way. I am not personally famous enough to launch a NLRM by myself (it is possible, but not likely). But with your help, we can piggyback on Barack Obama’s speech and stir up some excitement. I feel certain President Obama will say some really cool things about getting the economy back on track because, after all, it is in his nature to Keep It Cool. We can all pick up the ball after he gives his speech and run with it!Now…a very brief lesson on limbic resonance. If you are going to get involved in the NLRM, you need to know at least a little about it. The term limbic system refers to the structures in your brain that regulate emotions. In a sense, we all transmit signals to each other, similar to wireless internet signals that travel through space. Most of us do not understand exactly how wireless internet signals work; we can’t see them or otherwise detect them with our senses…but we know something is going on that allows us to receive signals through the air and surf the web without physically hooking our computer up to anything. I use the wireless internet example as a metaphor to represent the signals that travel between us and influence behavior. However, not all signals that travel from one human to another are in the form of electronic signals (some may actually be due to the movement of electrons since electrical impulses drive the activities of our brain). For example, many of you have heard of pheromones…olfactory-stimulating molecules that float through the air and influence the physiology and behavior of people in close proximity to each other. Like wireless internet, it doesn’t really matter if you totally understand how everything works. The main point is…something goes on that allows one person to influence another person’s nervous system and emotions. You don’t really need a lot of scientific research to accept this theory. You have all been around people who somehow lift your spirits and others who bring you down if you allow them to do so. If two people who care about each other, one in the dumps and one as high as a kite, get together…some kind of emotional change is going to take place. Or, if you are the boss…walk among your employees with a happy, upbeat demeanor one day and a concerned look on your face the next day. Watch what happens to the emotions of the people in your circle of influence.OK, hopefully you get it. We can regulate each others emotions. We can trigger good or bad feelings among the people we interact with on a daily basis. If you want to know more, read A Philosophical Physiology of Love (a free article available on the internet), or even better, read A General Theory of Love by Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini and Richard Lannon. Don’t be fooled by the term “love” in the titles. This is some serious, absolutely fascinating, scientific information about how the human brain and nervous system work.So what are we to do if we want to kick off a national epidemic and turn our ailing economy around? Here are a few ideas:
Make a list of people you currently do business with, or want to do business with…people that you genuinely care about and want to help. As you already know, not every business is going to survive this economic downturn. However, let’s try to make sure people who offer a quality product and caring service – people who are the “real deal” – survive. Visit or call the main representatives of the business and look for ways to emotionally uplift them and, if possible, financially support them. Get in a positive mood and go help them get in resonance with your mood. No faking it here! Do not put a business on your list that you do not feel good about. You know which businesses have earned and deserve your support. I’m OK letting the businesses that don’t deserve your support suffer whatever fate unfolds for them in this economy. Think about something you genuinely need or want right now, and if at all possible…buy it now rather than later from someone who deserves your business. Words, thoughts and emotions can only go so far in turning our economy around. In order to get the job done, we need to get money circulating ASAP. There are over 300 million people in America. Roughly 73 percent of these people are over 20 years old. Therefore, some reasonable number of the 219 million individuals over 20 years old are in a position to make buying decisions. For every ten bucks this group spends, over $2 billion is directly injected into our economy…and we also benefit from what economist call the multiplier effect (people who receive the money pay taxes, re-spend it on things they need, and so forth and so on down the line). If these people spend on average $100 each, that will pump over $20 billion into our economy and stir things up. $20 billion…that’s more than Oprah makes in a year! As you can see, it doesn’t take much at the individual level to kick-start a tidal wave of economic activity in the aggregate. So, at a minimum, go lift the spirits of people you care about…you’ve got nothing to lose if you do this. Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm. And if you can afford it, spend a little money now that you were planning to hold on to a little longer. Make at least a few of those postponed purchases. I know for many of you (and I am with you on this), spending money is counter-intuitive right now. But I am not sure how else we are going to create a national movement and turn the economy around. I think spreading feelings of hope and optimism, and getting a little more money flowing though the economy, has the potential to turn things around quickly. Let’s help Obama (he will still have plenty of other things to keep him from getting bored after we fix this) and help ourselves by doing what historically we as a nation seem to be pretty good at – overcoming adversity.OK, realistically we may not turn around an entire nation. Maybe this will turn out to be a Local rather than National Limbic Resonance Movement. To influence 219 million people, everyone reading this would have to reach out to one of their favorite businesses. And then those businesspeople would have to keep things going forward with one of their contacts for 18 to 21 rounds. Maybe we’ll pull it off, maybe we won’t. In any case, I am going to do my part this week. I’m going to get myself in the right frame of mind and reach out to several people I care about and offer them encouragement (that won’t cost me anything). Then I’m going to pry open my wallet and pull the trigger on a purchase that I planned to postpone. I already know what I am going to buy. It is something I both want and need anyhow. And I am going to buy it from someone who cares about me and runs a good solid business; someone who needs my business right now. I want to do everything I can to help this particular person remain successful. I want them and their business to be around in the future.Why don’t you join me?